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Hi, I'm Ryan. I'm a Computer Science major at the University of Maryland in the Class of 2019. I currently work as a web developer for the university's student center, The Stamp. I have a little over 6 years of programming experience since I first started in my freshman year of high school. I'm currently enjoying web development but am eager to explore any and all areas of programming.


University of Maryland Stamp Student Union

Web Applications Developer

As a web developer for the University of Maryland's student union, I worked mainly on the university's Alternative Breaks program , which consists of international service learning trips. I facilitiated the complete redesign and refactor of Alternative Break's application process and user management system as well as complete smaller web requests for other interdepartmental clients.

ASP.NET C# MySQL JavaScript jQuery

TD Ameritrade

Software Development Intern

During my summer at TD Ameritrade, I worked on the retail marketing site as the team's first full-stack web development intern. I spearheaded the redesign of a key responsive component in the company's content management system, utilizing technologies and writing my own tools in languages such as XML / XSL, Perl, and Java. I regularly collaborated with associates from the marketing department to ensure that my changes still met the business requirements and that everyone was satisfied with the resulting user interface.

XML XSLT JavaScript jQuery Java Perl



TerpSearch is a course selection application built for Universitiy of Maryland students. The website aims to be an all-in-one tool to rate courses you have taken as well as a means of filtering and searching for classes. TerpSearch is still in development with exciting features on the way like Facebook integration: see what courses your friends have taken and what they rated the class easily!

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umd.io is an open-source API created by a few University of Maryland students a few years ago. The API serves as a resource for all types of UMD-related information, such as course information and GPS coordinates of buildings on campus. While working on TerpSearch, I contributed to this open-source project, adding an endpoint for professors and improving some of the existing functionality of the web scraper.

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SolarSim is a realistic 3D solar system simulator written in Javascript using three.js. All distances, rotations, and orbits are to scale, and users can speed up, slow down, or stop time and find out more information about the planets.

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